Coming Soon... Our First Nutrition + Mindset Program! Stay Tuned! 

Nutrition. Abs are made in the kitchen! 

Recently certified as a health and weight loss coach, Becky puts a deep emphasis on the 90/10 rule: that 90% of a clients' weight loss goals truly happens with changes in behavioural patterns and what they eat, and 90% will happen through exercises and classes at NBF. Once an individual places an importance of the fuel they put inside their bodies, they will start to understand a connection to how this will help them perform better in their classes and take full advantage of their fitness class, and it will also help them feel much more energetic in more ways than one! 

Nutrition is one of the hardest parts of our wellness to feel in control of. 

Join Becky for food and nutrition talks at the studio on a monthly basis which are included in our membership packages, or book a one on one consult to discuss nutrition on an individualized level. Whether that be discussing custom meal plans, going on grocery shopping tours, or helping you overcome thoughts and feelings associated with food, NBF will help you make changes that are sustainable, delicious, and changes you will want to keep as al lifestyle. 

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