Meet Becky Graham

Courtney has been teaching at NBF for 3 years and counting! It has been a big year for Court in her professional and personal life! Find her during the day as a local primary student teacher in Penetanguishene, and find her in the evenings teaching her favourite classes at NBF. 

Current Qualifications:

  • Indoor cycling certified 
  • SGT. Ken Level I & Level II Certified 

Becky is owner of No Borders Fitness. Owning and operating No Borders Fitness for 8 years (and in her own studio location for 5), Becky is passionate about bringing accessible, high-quality, results driven classes to her community. She is passionate about the connection between mental health and physical health, and believes movement can change your life. She believes with the right instructor who is qualified, energetic, passionate, selfless, and empathetic, they have a power unlike any other to create action!

Current Qualifications: 

  • Can Fit Pro FIS, PTS, PFS, HWL AND OAS
  • NCIS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) 
  • ​University of Waterloo Bachelor of Science and Business Degree 
  • Over 20 fitness certifications including all Zumba specialties, Kickboxing, TRX, COREFX Conditioning, and more 
  • ​Pre and Post Natal Specialist 
  • Canadian POUND Master Trainer 
  • RYT 200 Hours 
  • Received award for Canada's Top Trainer through IMPACT Magazine 

Meet Beth Way 

This is Not an Ordinary Fitness Studio. 

Welome to Kim, our newest instructor to our team of amazing coaches! 

Kim is a local elementary school teacher. Bringing her charisma and love for teaching to her classes, Kim has been recently licensed in TRX courses and also Schwinn Indoor Cycling! 

At NBF, we offer a space where women can walk through the doors and become part of a family like no other. We strive to allow women to "find their fitness", whatever pathway that may be. There is no wrong way to become stronger, faster, leaner, more confident, happier, more positive, and change your life. NBF allows women to seek a better life through movement and community. We bring women together to help them reach their life and fitness goals, and to ensure they combine a perfect element of fun + challenge along the way.  

Sefi- our wanderluster! Sefi is an incredible yoga, pilates, and stability ball fusion classes. Find her teaching seasonally at NBF through our the summer, and through out the winter, find her teaching down south in Arizona and Baja! We are kind of jealous when she leaves our Midland winters! 

Meet Danielle Day 

Meet Kim-Eden 

Danielle Day is brand new to the Midland community, and has brought her love of yoga with her! With deep ties to her recent community in Aurora and Lululemon, she brings her love of yoga to a whole new level because she has seen and felt herself the power that yoga can bring to a community and individually. She has been teaching at NBF for over a year now, and brings a unique perspective to her yoga classes which can benefit all ages and levels of fitness, help people recover from injury, and bring more awareness to how our bodies move. 

Beth is our newest instructor at NBF! A life long friend of Becky, and deeply involved in fitness in her personal and professional life, Beth has the energy and synergy that people connect and relate to. Find her teaching our new TURN classes alongside Courtney and Becky in 2017. Maybe even more?! 

  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certified 
  • STRONG by Zumba Certified 
  • BODYShred Certified 
  • YMCA Group Fitness Certified 
  • Can Fit Pro PTS 

Meet Courtney Calvert 

Meet Sefi Held